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I see that Evrsoft have released a beta of 1st Page 2006. I know they rather
spoilt their reputation with the saga of an imminent release that's lasted
for a few years now but has anyone got any opinions on the 2006 version?

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Re: 1st Page software

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Now there's a blast from the past, I never thought that this Homesite
clone would be revived.

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Slow as wading through molasses on my (old) system, it set a new startup
time record of a full 60 seconds, not even Java applications have
managed that.

I see that they've included a "WYSIWYG Design" feature which Homesite
dropped, as expected it promptly butchered a document I opened with it.

Still, it may be interesting for some, but I don't believe that there is
a market for a products like Homesite or 1st Page anymore. Frontpage,
Dreamweaver and GoLive have the WYSIWYG market, and 1st Page feels much
to bloated for a good editor.

Concepts such as tag insight and code completion are only useful for
people with an intermediate skill level, the rest of the program's
concept is imo also simply out of date.

I'll stick with the original (Homesite) until a better concept comes


Re: 1st Page software

Spartanicus wrote:

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I disagree with that - DreamWeaver 8's new code completion is rather
nice I think. I can code by hand at rocket speed, but the new editor has
spend me up even more!


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