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Might anybody have a clue why, in 1st page when copying and pasting from
NotePad to a 1st Page in progress,

the dashes and em-dashed are converted to question marks?
There must be a configuration which prevents this?

Thanks in advance.

Re: 1st page

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1st page?

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The dashes in the text you're copying are problably from a part of the
font-set, which is not supported by the place you're copying it too.

Try converting your text to MSDOS ASCII, before working with it.

Re: 1st page

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Thanks for your help.

1st Page 2000
http://www.evrsoft.com /

However, if you don't use 1st Page, than your not going to be able to
For four years, I was using the frowned-upon FP and never had this problem
when cutting and pasting from NotePad and into the FP html pages.
 Apprx. six weeks ago, I decided to try an alternative software to use as my
html editor (Not sure how long I've had 1st Page and wasn't using it.)

a simple "dash" in NotePad requires no font settings that I'm aware of ?
EX; tongue-in-cheek would be replaced (upon pasting) as; tongue?in?cheek ,
requiring me to go back editing and spell checking text of which I've
previously done so.

This little glitch  a real PITA as the text I work with contains many uses
of dashes and em-dashes repeatedly.
 I'm looking for a solution in an attempt to stay committed away from FP,
however the FP has no real criteria as I may use that as a simple text
editor and still retain the copy and pasting with no transition loss or even
added enhancements.

BTW, I've made an inquiry in the 1st Page forum, without a successful reply.
Searched their archives without success. To add misery, 1st page comes
without any significant help files.

Re: 1st page

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I wasn't going to be picky about the dashes...

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... but, as you've specifically raised ems and ens: the horizontal lines in
"tongue-in-cheek" aren't dashes, they're hyphens. Are you putting in hyphens
or something else for the ems, such as &#151; or &mdash;  ?

I can't seem to replicate the problem although, since it's a while since I
installed 1st page and haven't used it recently, I may have changed a
default that meant the problem didn't appear. Are you simply copying from
Notepad and then pasting into the "Edit F11" view?

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

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