1993 - An Idea: alt.html

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Was anybody in here active with WWW/HTML and Usenet, back then,
that would remember this?


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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 11:55:28 GMT
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In article q...@news.acns.nwu.edu, Albert-Lu...@nwu.edu
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Neat. Maybe someone newgroup alt.html and we'll try it out. If the
"standard" is that the text body of a post in this group is always a
conformant HTML text, then a server could have a few lines added to
dump the headers into a temp file using <pre> and add a <link> to
 the header of the post body to point at it.



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Re: 1993 - An Idea: alt.html

no.spam@box.invalid says...
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I was online in 1993, but not in a Usenet context.  Just downloading
through Lynx (I think) on Slackware linux.


Re: 1993 - An Idea: alt.html

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Flashback to BBS.  I'm sure there are others old enough to remember
those too.  IIRC, WWW was still pretty new graphically.  I was reading
newsgroups with a DOS based reader but I was more into Netware Server
administration then than HTML.  I doubt I even could have told you what
HTML was back then.

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Re: 1993 - An Idea: alt.html

Blinky the Shark wrote:

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Hmmm... don't try that out though. :-)

It looks like these people did not go on to create alt.html though.
alt.html was newgrouped more than two years later by Luis Meza (Message ID

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