100% height in netscape

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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help.

I am trying to do a table that has a height of 100% inside another TD.
In IE this works fine and in netscape it doesn't properly.

<table width="50" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" height="100%">
  <td valign="top">
   <table width="50" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
     <td valign="top">

here's a sample. In IE it works for both, but in netscape it works for the
first instance but not for the instance inside, but the instance inside for
my page layout if the most important. I would really appriciate any help on
this or a possible solution/work around.

Many thanks


Re: 100% height in netscape

Stuart Palmer said:

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you have that around the wrong way. IE gets it wrong, NS gets it right.
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height is not a valid attribute of <table>

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don't use table for layout. use css

css tutorials and other fun 'n giggly css stuff:
http://www.css.nu /
http://www.mako4css.com /
http://www.richinstyle.com /
http://www.blazonry.com/css /
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http://www.websitetips.com/css /
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04/December/2003 04:07:42 am kilo

Re: 100% height in netscape

Hi Bruce, thx for the info, but not sure that will work for me.

Please let me give you soem more info on what I am trying to achieve, here's
my code as it currently is.


<table width="610" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="1">
        <td width="304" valign="top"><img
src="" alt="" border="1" width="304"
        <td width="81" valign="top"
background="" height="100%"><img
alt="image_gradient" src="" border="1"
width="81" height="190" name="gradient_image"></td>
        <td width="224" valign="top" rowspan="2" height="100%"><img
src="" alt="" border="1" width="224"
height="300" alt="expandable_image" name="expandable_image"></td>
        <td width="1"><img src="" alt=""
border="1"  width="1" height="190" /></td>
        <td valign="bottom" width="385" colspan="2" rowspan="2"
height="236"><img src="" alt="" border="1"
width="385" height="236" usemap="#hp_left_btm"
alt="image_to_merge_with_gradient" name="image_to_merge_with_gradient"></td>
        <td width="1" height="75"><img
src="" width="1" alt="" border="1"
width="1" height="75" /></td>
        <td valign="bottom" width="225" height="152" colspan="2"><img
src="" border="1" width="225" height="152"


As image 'expandable_image' gets longer, the cell holding
'image_to_merge_with_gradient' is getting longer (as well as the cell
holding 'gradient_image'). What I need is for cell holding 'gradient_image'
to get longer (so it stays in contact with 'image_to_merge_with_gradient')
while 'expandable_image' increases. At the moment bother the cells are
increasing so there si a gap in the gradient image that flows from
'gradient_image' into 'image_to_merge_with_gradient'.

When the 'expandable_image' is smaller it's fine. So my initial solution was
to set height of the td's at 100% but this didn't seem to work.

I have had a look at your css info but cannot understand how I would make
the sizes vaiable and force size on other cells.

Many thanks for your help here, I just thought it might help if I tried to
explain it. (But myabe I haven't done that too well)


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