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Web Publishing and SEO

This category includes forums dedicated to basic Web publishing tasks such as designing, hosting, developing and promoting Web sites. Google and Bing are represented by their own forums.

Search Engines

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SEO Web Design and Development Company in Saudi

k.stewart0692's Avatar (by Gravatar)k.stewart0692 posted 05-02-2016

Volive solution provides highly effective SEO models to еnѕur? ? thаt your buѕinеѕѕ ѕhоwѕ u? ? аt the tор of аnу аnd all search engine r еѕultѕ. http://www.volivesolutions.com/... read more »

Webmaster Forum

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Professional Website Design & Developers Company

Jake Cody's Avatar (by Gravatar)Jake Cody posted 05-17-2016

We have professional Blackberry application developer which can help you develop the application to take your business or product into higher dimension. read more »

HTML Authoring Forum

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character-set encoding

Phillip Helbig (undress to reply's Avatar (by Gravatar)Phillip Helbig (undress to reply posted 05-16-2016

HTML 5 requires documents which claim to be ISO-8859-1 to be parsed as Windows-1252, apparently because some websites claiming to be ISO-8859-1 are actually Windows-1252. (Why in the world? More ... read more »

Microsoft Search Live and Bing

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Error #-2147217833 in Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155

CarlosKike's Avatar (by Gravatar)CarlosKike posted 01-29-2015

Hi there, I'm trying to do a transfer inventory out and/or PO and I'm getting this error I'm using Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155 Store Operations Business Rules Error #-2147217833 The statem... read more »

HTML Markup Language

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Dotnetnuke Module Development in Qatar

ishita.balla777's Avatar (by Gravatar)ishita.balla777 posted 05-13-2016

DNN module development is nоt working with Linux Wеb-h оѕting ѕеttingѕ bесаuѕе it iѕ uѕing the ASP ? ?оding fоr ореrаtiоn. As earlier ѕаid, there iѕ no nееd оf knowing th... read more »

Web Programming

Forums dedicated to common programming languages used in Web development: PHP, Perl and MySQL are among those covered.

PERL Modules Announcements

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LogicalPuzzlesGenerator and SpaceShipModelsGenerator for kid...

Pawel Biernacki's Avatar (by Gravatar)Pawel Biernacki posted 03-11-2016

Hi, hought I would publish it and wanted to discuss the need. The question is w hether anybody would use it. Second question - how to name the modules. I h ave never published anything on CPAN yet... read more »

PERL Discussions

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Getopt::Long, optional arguments

hymie!'s Avatar (by Gravatar)hymie! posted 05-26-2016

So this is a why does it work that way? question. Here is my sample program. It takes two options -- foo takes an optional argument, bar does not. ========== #!/usr/bin/perl use Getopt::Long; ... read more »

PHP Scripting Forum

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michele.braccini's Avatar (by Gravatar)michele.braccini posted 05-02-2016

I developed a small script in php some years ago (2007) This script connected to MS Sql Server using mssql_* function on windows with a simple installation of XAMPP. It has worked for many years. ... read more »


Forums in this category include topics ranging from antivirus applications to supporting a secure Web server as well as other general computer security issues.

General Computer Security

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An improvement of the classical Playfair cipher

Mok-Kong Shen's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mok-Kong Shen posted 04-17-2016

Though simultaneously using four 4*8 Playfair matrices and three processing rounds of overlapping pairs of characters, it has been shown with Maurer's Universal Statistical Test that the encryption... read more »

Computer Software Security

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Attn: Jacko

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar)Anonymous posted 05-24-2016

0114687111455289797594837506183080142617801427917734891148426462188972225485304179812573271091079802787198334008189386725554141090719480972391338267246499817949402189894383142314726144500037707683352... read more »

Anti-Virus Software

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Ransomware maker TeslaCrypt shuts down after releasing maste...

Virus Guy's Avatar (by Gravatar)Virus Guy posted 05-20-2016

Ransomware maker TeslaCrypt shuts down after releasing master key Ransomware makers TeslaCrypt have shut down after saying sorry for all the damage they caused. This move, which has allowed anti-r... read more »

Virus Forum for MS Windows Users

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[virus removed] zipped javascript from amazon order not made...

brewjay's Avatar (by Gravatar)brewjay posted 04-27-2016

x-store-info: 4r51+eLowCe79NzwdU2kR3P+ctWZsO+J Authentication-Results: hotmail.com; spf=fail (sender IP is; identity alignment result is pass and alignment mode is relaxed) smtp.ma... read more »

Microsoft Server Forum

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Comodo Essential SSL Certificates @ $24/Yr from ComodoSSLsto...

Ken Peterson's Avatar (by Gravatar)Ken Peterson posted 02-29-2012

Hello everyone, Comodo Essential SSL Certificates: Issued within 10 minutes, an Essential SSL Certificate provides a quick cost-effective solution to secure your customer transactions More importantl... read more »

Secure Shell Forum

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Intermittent failure on remote ssh echo command with exist s...

regmemail's Avatar (by Gravatar)regmemail posted 05-17-2016

I use remote ssh echo command as heartbeat to probe remote server is alive. After days of running, I get an intermittent ssh exit status 143 (143 - 128 = 15 ) which is SIGTERM. The remote echo comma... read more »

Microsoft Applications Security

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The Real-Time Use of Python in Data Science World!

divyadutta53's Avatar (by Gravatar)divyadutta53 posted 02-26-2016

This course will help you to expertise the usage of Python in Data Science world. Carter your Python Knowledge so that it can be utilized to get the Insights of Data using Methodologies and Techniqu... read more »

Linux Security

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Residential Proxy Provider

Jared Twyler's Avatar (by Gravatar)Jared Twyler posted 03-11-2016

I've produced a 10-city demonstration video in which I showcase 10 differen t U.S. cities and the types of ip address that I have available for them he re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClMRuXUGU... read more »

Computer Programming

Coding for applications other than Web, such as mobile and laptop computing, is also of interest to this online community. General computer forums are also in this category.

Microsoft ActiveSync Forum

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'Connection Disabled' message on switching users

Bolehill's Avatar (by Gravatar)Bolehill posted 10-30-2013

Using Windows XP SP3, and two users on the PC, one that uses Active Sync and one that does not. Every time I switch user from the one NOT using ActiveSync to the one that does, AS opens and shows a m... read more »

Smartphone OS Forum

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How An XML Editor Might Make Easier Work Processes

gordon89586's Avatar (by Gravatar)gordon89586 posted 04-14-2015

Composing XML might be wearying. It needs creativeness to figure out just w hat a cut of code will essentially make. Apart from this, XML documentation will need to be well-formed and also be made... read more »

Smartphone OS - Developers Forum

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Windows 7 (Vista) Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) not l...

Mark Kenny's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mark Kenny posted 10-15-2011

If your PC is on a domain (typically a work network) the administrators may have following this MS virus alert KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962007 which stops WMDC dead and windows mobile phone... read more »

MySQL Database Forum

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00624fgh's Avatar (by Gravatar)00624fgh posted 05-17-2016

您好: 我公司有一部分专用发——票/代开; 贵公司如有需要,欢迎您的来电与我联系: 负责人:张先生(0)13544100624 read more »

Handheld Computing Forum

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WTB Cassette Interface for TI-74 / TI-95

Thomas Lake's Avatar (by Gravatar)Thomas Lake posted 01-05-2016

If you have a cassette interface for the TI-74 or TI-95 that you'd be willing to sell, please pm me. Thanks! Tom L read more »

Palm OS Forum

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Looking for old DOS based palmtops

hiddenbelow.com's Avatar (by Gravatar)hiddenbelow.com posted 08-13-2015

If you have any for sale then you can reach me on the tankraider.com forums, just post there. read more »

Laptop Computers Forum

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ASUS N550JX - how to turn OFF keyboard backlight

Adam's Avatar (by Gravatar)Adam posted 04-23-2016

Is there a way to turn OFF keyboard backlight from BIOS ? read more »

Computer Hardware

Discussions about building, repairing and overclocking computers. If you prefer to buy parts of your computers separately and put them together yourself, these groups are for you.

Home-built Computers

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Repairing ANGLE VALVE(?) The fills toilet tank - Solider vs ...

by Ateotom
Solider vs Compressing fitting? Current the valve is >30 years old and leaking at the steam. I am not sure if I can just change out a waster or not. The valve is currently soldired to the copper... read more »

Microsoft Windows MediaCenter

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XP MCE guide error

by Mike
Anyone else still using XP MCE for DVR? I am no longer able to update the guide. This is very frustrating, but it appears that Microsoft turned off the servers that provide the guide listings. I've ... read more »

Computer Hardware

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802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Card

by tb
My laptop (ASUS G75V) has an integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi card. That means that the card operates on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, right? -- tb read more »

Overclocking PC Components

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amazing retro FSB overclock on old Prescott P4 3400MHz 478 P...

by Luvrsmel
As soon as I unlocked the multiplier from 17x to 14x it opened up a whole new world for this machine.. couldn't run the memory at its stock setting though at these speeds, as it wouldn't post. ... read more »

Overclocking AMD Processors

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RegTweak for K10 and FX? process ors...

by Grizlod®
...in signature... -- AMD RegistryTweak: http://www.webalice.it/grizlod1/Downloads.html read more »