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Web Publishing and SEO

This category includes forums dedicated to basic Web publishing tasks such as designing, hosting, developing and promoting Web sites. Google and Bing are represented by their own forums.

Search Engines

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Yahoo email question

Snuffy \"Hub Cap\" McKinney's Avatar (by Gravatar)Snuffy \"Hub Cap\" McKinney posted 12-04-2015

I need to access the emails in my Yahoo inbox from July 1, 2013. Will take forever to go back page by page. Anyone know a way to get to old emails? Is there a way to export all emails in a sp... read more »

Webmaster Forum

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The Code that took America to the Moon

AlwaysAskingQuestions's Avatar (by Gravatar)AlwaysAskingQuestions posted 07-13-2016

I know there are a few people around here with a long history in computing and they might find this interesting, the code that took America to the moon has been published to GitHub, and it’s like ... read more »

HTML Authoring Forum

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Unbelievable :-) !

tlvp's Avatar (by Gravatar)tlvp posted 07-07-2016

From the preamble to a recently emailed web-survey invitation: Are they still doing this nonsense in this day and age? Pshaw! (Maybe their inability to spell switch right is indicative of their ac... read more »

Microsoft Search Live and Bing

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Error #-2147217833 in Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155

CarlosKike's Avatar (by Gravatar)CarlosKike posted 01-29-2015

Hi there, I'm trying to do a transfer inventory out and/or PO and I'm getting this error I'm using Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155 Store Operations Business Rules Error #-2147217833 The statem... read more »

HTML Markup Language

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plug in question

thedarkman's Avatar (by Gravatar)thedarkman posted 07-07-2016

This is a simplified page from The Times Of India http://www.infotextmanuscripts.org/hold/july-7-india-.html Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the video on the bottom right of the screen? I've r... read more »

Web Programming

Forums dedicated to common programming languages used in Web development: PHP, Perl and MySQL are among those covered.

PERL Modules Announcements

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Announcing: DBIx::EAV - Entity-Attribute-Value data modeling...

Cafe Avila Gratz's Avatar (by Gravatar)Cafe Avila Gratz posted 06-06-2016

Check my new project DBIx::EAV, an Entity-Attribute-Value implementation for Perl. https://metacpan.org/pod/DBIx::EAV https://github.com/cafe01/dbix-eav https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity-Attrib... read more »

PERL Discussions

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dancer vs poet vs mojolicious vs catalyst

endlessboomcapitlaism's Avatar (by Gravatar)endlessboomcapitlaism posted 07-22-2016

which best? read more »

PHP Scripting Forum

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Working with GEDCOM in PHP

Tim's Avatar (by Gravatar)Tim posted 07-22-2016

I am wanting to make a small PHP app with the sole purpose of making Web pages from genealogical information. All the HTML produced from the genealogy apps I have seen suck. I have an existing site... read more »


Forums in this category include topics ranging from antivirus applications to supporting a secure Web server as well as other general computer security issues.

General Computer Security

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Proposal of a fair contract signing protocol (without a trus...

Mok-Kong Shen's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mok-Kong Shen posted 06-20-2016

When a contract in digital from is to be signed online by Alice and Bob, an issue concerning the fairness of the signing process crops up as follows: If Alice first signs the document and sends it ... read more »

Computer Software Security

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Hey, Harry - Still around?

Anonymous Remailer (austria)'s Avatar (by Gravatar)Anonymous Remailer (austria) posted 05-24-2016

dial me. read more »

Anti-Virus Software

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AV for Hudl l 2?

Mr Pounder Esquire's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mr Pounder Esquire posted 07-09-2016

Wife has a Hudl 2 tablet and spends a lot of time playing games on it. I've a feeling that she clicks on a lot of things/junk that she would be better off not clicking on, but I don't really know.... read more »

Virus Forum for MS Windows Users

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Breaking Biometric Login

brewjay's Avatar (by Gravatar)brewjay posted 07-18-2016

Windows Eight will let you log in with the camera. Breaking this is child's play. How would you do it? read more »

Microsoft Server Forum

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Comodo Essential SSL Certificates @ $24/Yr from ComodoSSLsto...

Ken Peterson's Avatar (by Gravatar)Ken Peterson posted 02-29-2012

Hello everyone, Comodo Essential SSL Certificates: Issued within 10 minutes, an Essential SSL Certificate provides a quick cost-effective solution to secure your customer transactions More importantl... read more »

Secure Shell Forum

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Three hop socks proxy

Ian's Avatar (by Gravatar)Ian posted 06-20-2016

Hi All, I've got this: At home I have my windows laptop running mobaxterm (=cygwin). From windows I ssh into bastion1 (=solaris 5.8) From bastion1 I ssh to bastion2 (=solaris 5.10) From bastion2... read more »

Microsoft Applications Security

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The Real-Time Use of Python in Data Science World!

divyadutta53's Avatar (by Gravatar)divyadutta53 posted 02-26-2016

This course will help you to expertise the usage of Python in Data Science world. Carter your Python Knowledge so that it can be utilized to get the Insights of Data using Methodologies and Techniqu... read more »

Linux Security

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Residential Proxy Provider

Jared Twyler's Avatar (by Gravatar)Jared Twyler posted 03-11-2016

I've produced a 10-city demonstration video in which I showcase 10 differen t U.S. cities and the types of ip address that I have available for them he re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClMRuXUGU... read more »

Computer Programming

Coding for applications other than Web, such as mobile and laptop computing, is also of interest to this online community. General computer forums are also in this category.

Microsoft ActiveSync Forum

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'Connection Disabled' message on switching users

Bolehill's Avatar (by Gravatar)Bolehill posted 10-30-2013

Using Windows XP SP3, and two users on the PC, one that uses Active Sync and one that does not. Every time I switch user from the one NOT using ActiveSync to the one that does, AS opens and shows a m... read more »

Smartphone OS Forum

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How An XML Editor Might Make Easier Work Processes

gordon89586's Avatar (by Gravatar)gordon89586 posted 04-14-2015

Composing XML might be wearying. It needs creativeness to figure out just w hat a cut of code will essentially make. Apart from this, XML documentation will need to be well-formed and also be made... read more »

Smartphone OS - Developers Forum

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Windows 7 (Vista) Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) not l...

Mark Kenny's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mark Kenny posted 10-15-2011

If your PC is on a domain (typically a work network) the administrators may have following this MS virus alert KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962007 which stops WMDC dead and windows mobile phone... read more »

MySQL Database Forum

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93193yrth's Avatar (by Gravatar)93193yrth posted 06-30-2016

您好: 我公司有税——票/代开; 如:(1)普通商品销售税——票; (2)广告业、各类服务业税——票/等等。 贵公司如有需要,欢迎您的来电与我... read more »

Handheld Computing Forum

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WTB Cassette Interface for TI-74 / TI-95

Thomas Lake's Avatar (by Gravatar)Thomas Lake posted 01-05-2016

If you have a cassette interface for the TI-74 or TI-95 that you'd be willing to sell, please pm me. Thanks! Tom L read more »

Palm OS Forum

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hp200lx.net is gone?

Andy Lithia's Avatar (by Gravatar)Andy Lithia posted 07-02-2016

I've been trying to open it for half a month, and still unable to open it. The legendary S.U.P.E.R library is vital to 200LX users.Does any one know what had happened? read more »

Laptop Computers Forum

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anyone got any ideas on getting NIC to work on Vaio VGN-AR17...

myfathersson's Avatar (by Gravatar)myfathersson posted 06-11-2016

This seems to be a known problem with this laptop but I cant find the cure unless my NIC has simply died. I cant get it to see any networks at all in XP Media Center. Nor will it se e anything i... read more »

Computer Hardware

Discussions about building, repairing and overclocking computers. If you prefer to buy parts of your computers separately and put them together yourself, these groups are for you.

Home-built Computers

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Repairing ANGLE VALVE(?) The fills toilet tank - Solider vs ...

by Ateotom
Solider vs Compressing fitting? Current the valve is >30 years old and leaking at the steam. I am not sure if I can just change out a waster or not. The valve is currently soldired to the copper... read more »

Microsoft Windows MediaCenter

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wmc stuttering nbc cbs astc 2016

by Pete in Maple Grove
Is anyone still out there? Machines that worked before no longer work; sony entertianment center (round white pc and old 7334n pavillion w 3gm and gt9500. both stutter on live tv ota astc cbs and... read more »

Computer Hardware

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netbook doesn't finish charging

by Micky
I have an Acer netbook, and the battery loses a lot of juice when it's off. I turned it on last night and it was down to 25%, after sitting for 2 months or more. I plug in the charger and the Po... read more »

Overclocking PC Components

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amazing retro FSB overclock on old Prescott P4 3400MHz 478 P...

by Luvrsmel
As soon as I unlocked the multiplier from 17x to 14x it opened up a whole new world for this machine.. couldn't run the memory at its stock setting though at these speeds, as it wouldn't post. ... read more »

Overclocking AMD Processors

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RegTweak for K10 and FX? process ors...

by Grizlod®
...in signature... -- AMD RegistryTweak: http://www.webalice.it/grizlod1/Downloads.html read more »