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Web Publishing and SEO

This category includes forums dedicated to basic Web publishing tasks such as designing, hosting, developing and promoting Web sites. Google and Bing are represented by their own forums.

Search Engines

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Business Ideas

David's Avatar (by Gravatar)David posted 01-07-2015

Hello, If you can kindly review my website and let me know if there is any scope for improvements. http://www.businessproposals.in Regards Tina read more »

Webmaster Forum

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Re: Why do search engines put the OS into the actual search ...

crankypuss's Avatar (by Gravatar)crankypuss posted 06-24-2015

I added alt.www.webmaster to the groups list because I think some of the answer is web back-end related and that's the group where those folks used to hang out, feel free to take it back out or n... read more »

HTML Authoring Forum

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HTML for Kindle

masonc's Avatar (by Gravatar)masonc posted 06-30-2015

This place is kinda dead so I'll use the vacuum to ask: Anyone have an interest in problems of creating an HTML for conversion to Kindle? (yes, I'm working on one) MasonC http://frontal-lobe.inf... read more »

Microsoft Search Live and Bing

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Error #-2147217833 in Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155

CarlosKike's Avatar (by Gravatar)CarlosKike posted 01-29-2015

Hi there, I'm trying to do a transfer inventory out and/or PO and I'm getting this error I'm using Microsoft RMS Version 2.0.0155 Store Operations Business Rules Error #-2147217833 The statem... read more »

HTML Markup Language

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Minify or Compress HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript

Dave Brown's Avatar (by Gravatar)Dave Brown posted 07-05-2015

www.whak.ca/packer/JavaScript.htm www.whak.ca/packer/HTML.htm www.whak.ca/packer/CSS.htm read more »

Web Programming

Forums dedicated to common programming languages used in Web development: PHP, Perl and MySQL are among those covered.

PERL Modules Announcements

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perl SOAP::lite data as array reference

dgolovatenko's Avatar (by Gravatar)dgolovatenko posted 02-13-2015

Hello everybody! last week I try to find a solution but without any success. Problem is following: I try to develop SOAP client. SOAP server provides WSDL methods like 'get data' and 'store data'.... read more »

PERL Discussions

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perl expression

Shelly Rosenberg's Avatar (by Gravatar)Shelly Rosenberg posted 07-04-2015

I want to create a perl expression to be able add to a list of email addresses to block. I want the expression to block any email from an address that is anything followed by .xxxx How do I create t... read more »

PHP Scripting Forum

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sql with 3 tables

alex's Avatar (by Gravatar)alex posted 07-05-2015

in this condition between two tables A and C UPDATE A AS A INNER JOIN C AS C ON A.id = C.id SET A.totale = A.aa + C.bb I must to add another condition respect at one table B for to h... read more »


Forums in this category include topics ranging from antivirus applications to supporting a secure Web server as well as other general computer security issues.

General Computer Security

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[CM] Duqu used Foxconn certs to hack Kapersky

RS Wood's Avatar (by Gravatar)RS Wood posted 06-15-2015

From the «burrowed in like a louse» department: Title: Duqu 2.0‬ malware buried into Windows PCs using 'stolen Foxconn certs' Author: John Leyden Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 14:28:56 -0400 Link: h... read more »

Computer Software Security

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Deprecating Secure Sockets Layer Version 3.0

Anonymous's Avatar (by Gravatar)Anonymous posted 06-30-2015

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) R. Barnes Request for Comments: 7568 M. Thomson Updates: 5246 ... read more »

Anti-Virus Software

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Avira creates their "own" browser

Vitalic's Avatar (by Gravatar)Vitalic posted 07-01-2015

https://betacenter.avira.com/callout/?callid=D5FDB98C7E904961987851B25047F755 read more »

Virus Forum for MS Windows Users

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Last Call for Papers and Participation: Infosec2014 - Malays...

Mari Lambert's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mari Lambert posted 09-04-2014

The International Conference on Information Security and Cyber Forensics (I nfoSec2014) Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia October 8-10, 2014 Researchers are enc... read more »

Microsoft Server Forum

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Comodo Essential SSL Certificates @ $24/Yr from ComodoSSLsto...

Ken Peterson's Avatar (by Gravatar)Ken Peterson posted 02-29-2012

Hello everyone, Comodo Essential SSL Certificates: Issued within 10 minutes, an Essential SSL Certificate provides a quick cost-effective solution to secure your customer transactions More importantl... read more »

Secure Shell Forum

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Regularising ssh-ed25519

Ben Harris's Avatar (by Gravatar)Ben Harris posted 06-28-2015

I've written an Internet-Draft describing how to use Ed25519 in SSH and formally allocating the name ssh-ed25519 for it: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-bjh21-ssh-ed25519/ The primary purp... read more »

Microsoft Applications Security

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Adware virus?

Jo-Anne's Avatar (by Gravatar)Jo-Anne posted 03-12-2015

For the last couple days Avira has been finding and blocking or quarantining the following: Virus or unwanted program 'ADWARE/InstallCore.A.479 [adware]' detected in file 'C:System Volume Info... read more »

Linux Security

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risk of same fingerprint for ssh?

Burkhard Schultheis's Avatar (by Gravatar)Burkhard Schultheis posted 06-02-2015

We have two clusters with 3 pairs of machines, cluster A consisting of a pair of application servers and a pair of MySQL servers, cluster B consisting of a pair of apache tomcat servers. Only the ... read more »

Computer Programming

Coding for applications other than Web, such as mobile and laptop computing, is also of interest to this online community. General computer forums are also in this category.

Microsoft ActiveSync Forum

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'Connection Disabled' message on switching users

Bolehill's Avatar (by Gravatar)Bolehill posted 10-30-2013

Using Windows XP SP3, and two users on the PC, one that uses Active Sync and one that does not. Every time I switch user from the one NOT using ActiveSync to the one that does, AS opens and shows a m... read more »

Smartphone OS Forum

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How An XML Editor Might Make Easier Work Processes

gordon89586's Avatar (by Gravatar)gordon89586 posted 04-14-2015

Composing XML might be wearying. It needs creativeness to figure out just w hat a cut of code will essentially make. Apart from this, XML documentation will need to be well-formed and also be made... read more »

Smartphone OS - Developers Forum

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Windows 7 (Vista) Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) not l...

Mark Kenny's Avatar (by Gravatar)Mark Kenny posted 10-15-2011

If your PC is on a domain (typically a work network) the administrators may have following this MS virus alert KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962007 which stops WMDC dead and windows mobile phone... read more »

MySQL Database Forum

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Dear customer,webmail user are to update there account for t...

INFO's Avatar (by Gravatar)INFO posted 07-02-2015

Your email account was recently logged in from another computer,mobile devi ce located on this IP your protection, Please take a seco nd to update your records by following the re... read more »

Handheld Computing Forum

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RPN/RPL Calculator implementations, list of, regular post [l...

Craig A Finseth's Avatar (by Gravatar)Craig A Finseth posted 06-12-2015

Last-Modified: 2015-06-12 Posting-Frequency: bi-monthly URL: http://www.finseth.com/rpnrpl.html Copyright: 2002-15 by Craig A. Finseth Archive-name: computer/handhelds/rpn-rpl Disclaimer: Approv... read more »

Palm OS Forum

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Help OSX and Palm Pilot T3

Neve's Avatar (by Gravatar)Neve posted 06-17-2014

Hi, I'm new here, so don't be too harsh on me if this is not the right news group to ask these questions. Ok, so here it is: I have and iMac running Maverick 10.9.3. I'm using iCal as my main c... read more »

Laptop Computers Forum

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Pointing Stick problem HP Elitebook 8460p

firstpharaon's Avatar (by Gravatar)firstpharaon posted 03-18-2015

Hello all, Problem : my pointing stick in the middle of the device is not working. anybody know how to make it work ? it used to work but suddenly it stop working i tried many times to uninstal... read more »

Computer Hardware

Discussions about building, repairing and overclocking computers. If you prefer to buy parts of your computers separately and put them together yourself, these groups are for you.

Home-built Computers

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by Roy Baldone
I have a problem that crops up on my computer on occasion. I just tried to change the name of some files and I get the option to: SKIP RETRY ABORT AS ADMINISTRATOR ALL AS ADMINISTRATOR And eve... read more »

Microsoft Windows MediaCenter

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XP MCE guide error

by Mike
Anyone else still using XP MCE for DVR? I am no longer able to update the guide. This is very frustrating, but it appears that Microsoft turned off the servers that provide the guide listings. I've ... read more »

Computer Hardware

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help - monitor or video card problem

by Yes
I have an Asus 24 VS248H-P R LED monitor and a PowerColor (Radeon) HD6750 1GB DDR3 video card. Two or three times now over a six month period, I noticed that the monitor screen will have a semi-tr... read more »

Overclocking PC Components

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amazing retro FSB overclock on old Prescott P4 3400MHz 478 P...

by Luvrsmel
As soon as I unlocked the multiplier from 17x to 14x it opened up a whole new world for this machine.. couldn't run the memory at its stock setting though at these speeds, as it wouldn't post. ... read more »

Overclocking AMD Processors

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RegTweak for K10 and FX? process ors...

by Grizlod®
...in signature... -- AMD RegistryTweak: http://www.webalice.it/grizlod1/Downloads.html read more »