Sitemap Mod for SMF2.0.2 Forum

Sitemap Mod for SMF 2.0.2

Sitemap Mod for SMF 2.0.2

I’ve been supporting a few forum sites based on SMF 2.0.2 software and it’s kind of hard to miss that an off-the-shelf SMF install is missing an essential feature – a sitemap script.

There are surprisingly few modifications (mods) adding sitemaps to SMF installs (in contrast with WordPress) and there’s one that has just this feature and it’s now wrapped up with dozens of other SEO-related features some of which you may or may not want – the Sitemap mod by SlammedDime . It is a great mod that creates both HTML and XML versions of the sitemap but the author had updated it just before the last major SMF version change and the mod would not install as-is. I’m pretty sure the author will eventually update the mod but I needed to install the feature pronto and could not wait for the official update.

So, here is a slightly modified version of the mod – basically, I only had to modify the installation portion of the script, not the actual features of it. I’ve yet to figure out how the changes are submitted officially (never before needed a change in a mod) and so I’ll just post the file here and then see if the author would want to incorporate the changes into the main mod. Here is the link:

Sitemap mod tweak for SMF2.0.2

There is one small change to the functionality of the mod. The enable/disable checkbox in the mod settings no longer works. This may be due to the differences in permissions handling in the previous versions of SMF and 2.0.2. Frankly, I did not pursue the issue any further because it looked quite redundant to me – if you did not want the sitemap, why have the sitemap mod in the first place?

I may be modifying it a little further in the near future because I don’t believe the mod needs to always run on demand. It’s been my experience that search engines don’t come to get the sitemap any more often than once or twice a day and so I would much rather have the XML version of the sitemap compiled and stored as a static XML file (refreshed twice a day by a cron job) in the forum’s root directory.

So, there you have it: a tweak to a mod. If you’re having an issue installing the tweaked mod, post in the comment here, I’ll try to help

  • Jorge Pineiro

    Thank You, it works perfect