How to log out of Facebook

Facebook hid the logout button (again!)

Facebook hid the logout button (again!)

Have to leave this computer but cannot log out of Facebook because the logout option is gone? You are not alone! The option is still there, Facebook has just hid it from view, here’s how to find it (2012 edition :) )

Facebook in their infinite wisdom keep messing with their interface without the amount of testing appropriate for a company with 900 million users. This has been a recurring theme with Facebook. Pretty much every year there’s a slew of searches from people desperately trying to find how to perform one of the most basic actions on the Web there is – log out of an online account.

This time they moved the icons about and the “Account” menu options became empty – that is, the little empty space to the right of the “Home” menu is actually what used to be the Account menu. It’s even more confusing because the icon with your profile image that used to indicate the “Account” menu just a couple of days ago is still there but it moved to the left and is no longer a roll-out menu – it’s just a link to your profile page.

This is how it renders in Firefox 11.0, anyhow.

So, if you’re wondering how to log out of Facebook – hover over that empty space to the right of “Home” and the proper menu will roll down, “Log Out” is there (see the image).

I don’t know if it was intentional, probably not, but it does have a distinct feel of Facebook trying to keep you logged in longer than you want to, and that gives people mischievous ideas about getting even with Facebook. Check out this page for some ideas people mull over in their heads that have to do with Facebook logging out.

Good luck!