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Getting Script

Script itself

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The most current version is 1.7
Added more means of control over the submission process. Now a user can force the submission process to the next step if the submission is faster than expected or it got stuck at xome point due to problems with JS scripts, loaded by search engines.

Version 1.61
It has JavaScript functions corrected to ensure proper timing calculations shown on the submission page. It does not affect actual pages refreshment time.

Version 1.6
In this version there are more controls for the submission process added.

  • visitors can select/deselect all the engines with only one click;
  • estimate time needed to stay online;
  • visitors can change refresh time to match their connection speed for better results;
  • navigation bar is upgraded to show remained time, current submission status etc.;

Version 1.5
The main difference from the earlier free versions is that the submission technique has been changed, and now it supports more than 10 search engines with a more comfortable page layout. Also, confirmation e-mail capability is added to provide for more returning visitors. E-mails are validated to prevent the system's  abuse.

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I am very happy with the 1-Submit Pro script. I have been shopping around and comparing them for a while also. From the demos that I have used at the script places I have been looking at, your script is miles above the ones costing all the way up to $89
Bill Reed
Web Marketing Specialist

I think the script is superb. Very easy to install and works well.
I think that compared to some of the other scripts I have seen it is too cheap. You could sell this script for a lot more.
Tony Cooper
Search Engine and Web Marketing Specialists

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