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 1-Submit Pro - Submit and see results!

Getting Script

Script itself

* - e-mail tech support is guaran- teed regardless of buying the installa- tion option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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If you don't have PERL scripts installation experience, please stick to the installation sequence below. Alternatively, you can order the script packed with my full installation service and save $5.

  1. Purchase and Download the script. Unzip the package. it consists of 10 files:
  • 1sp.cgi - the script itself. There is nothing to configure inside.
  • submit_navigator.cgi - accompanying script that creates the top panel. There is nothing to configure inside.
  • 1logviewpro.cgi - utility script that shows the submission logs.
  • submitprosubs.cgi - service subroutines for the script. There is nothing to configure inside.
  • submitprovars.txt - the configuration file. Updating it with your own data is the first thing to do before Submit All Pro will be used. You need to configure several positions: path/name for your log file, path/name for your template file, script URL, accompanying script URL; mail program settings (UNIX only, for NT put # before $mailprog line); your name to be shown in e-mails sent; your reply address. When configuring your script, please follow the comments inside the text file.
  • template.htm - template HTML file that is used for the submission form. You may need to edit it as per your site layout.
  • engines_pro.txt - search engines settings file. Please don't touch anything.
  • greeting_submit.txt - text file, containing e-mail greeting message to everybody who submitted. Please edit it accordingly.
  • submit.gif - graphic file for the submission form layout.
  • readme.htm - file with these instructions
  1. Upload the files using your preferred FTP client software.
  2. Make sure all the files are in the same directory.
  3. Make sure that the URL for the 1sp.cgi file corresponds to one you've configured in submitprovars.txt - the configuration file.
  4. Change attributes for 1sp.cgi, submit_navigator.cgi and 1logviewpro.cgi files so that everybody will be able to run them (UNIX command CHMOD 755)
  5. Make sure that the script has ability to write into the directory where the log file will be automatically created. For better results, perform CHMOD 777.
  6. Please do not remove the code that creates the note "URL submission software by".

If you are still experience troubles installing the script, please contact me or order my full installation service.

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I am very happy with the 1-Submit Pro script. I have been shopping around and comparing them for a while also. From the demos that I have used at the script places I have been looking at, your script is miles above the ones costing all the way up to $89
Bill Reed
Web Marketing Specialist

I think the script is superb. Very easy to install and works well.
I think that compared to some of the other scripts I have seen it is too cheap. You could sell this script for a lot more.
Tony Cooper
Search Engine and Web Marketing Specialists

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