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 1-Submit Pro - Submit and see results!

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Script itself

* - e-mail tech support is guaran- teed regardless of buying the installa- tion option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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To start the submission process with 1-Submit Pro, please type in the URL you're submitting and your e-mail. Then hit 'Submit' button. Your e-mail is needed for search engines to send you either acceptance info or a special link for your submission approval.

1-Submit Pro creates special URL for submission to every search engine in the list. Then a new window is opened with frames - one frame per search engine.

1-Submit Pro dose not require user interaction until the end of the process, however, I advise you to look at the search engines replies since they may contain some valuable information. If there is an error, most engines give you explanations, so you can correct the problem and get back to submission.

Allow some time for search engines to load their replies in their own frames before refreshing to next four engines. Select the refreshment rate as per your Internet connection speed. Default value is 45 seconds, which is good even for slow connections.

It is recommended to maximize the new window to view the results.

The top frame (header) is used for the submission progress report. The header shows:

  • Force submission link
  • current submitting engines
  • your URL for verification
  • this step seconds countdown
  • overall process seconds countdown
  • information about the next step

The last step of the submission process will be to review the Report page that confirms what search engines you have submitted to.

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I am very happy with the 1-Submit Pro script. I have been shopping around and comparing them for a while also. From the demos that I have used at the script places I have been looking at, your script is miles above the ones costing all the way up to $89
Bill Reed
Web Marketing Specialist

I think the script is superb. Very easy to install and works well.
I think that compared to some of the other scripts I have seen it is too cheap. You could sell this script for a lot more.
Tony Cooper
Search Engine and Web Marketing Specialists

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