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How to add/delete/modify search engines to your 1-Submit Pro database

When you come across a search engine that you like:

  1. Do a reality check. Type in a pretty common word like "script". Normally, you would get hundreds of search results from a decent search engine. Do they give you only 5 links on term "script"? Do not despair - thay may eventually become a second Google. Maybe you'd better re-visit them then.
  2. If the search engine is considered "decent". Look around for Submit URL or ADD URL or ADD New URL links/buttons. Pay attention: if it's a free submission, the link will be buried under tons of commercial 'fluff'.
  3. Open that link. Check if it's really free. If it is, check what information about a website do they need. 1-Submit Pro only passes URL and webmaster's e-mail to a search engine. It's very often that a crawler-based search engine only requires an URL. This is ideal for us: if you don't send them e-mail(s) yours and, more importantly, your potential customers, the risk that they will use it for spam in minimal
  4. Open engines_pro.txt file in a text editor. Copy and paste last engine's record just before the end of the file.
  5. Edit the number of the record to the next sequential number (i.e. if you add a record after Subjex , #24, your record will be $T[25] =, $C[25] = and so on)
  6. Edit $T[xx] (title variable) to match your new search engine title
  7. $C[xx] variable has 5 essential parts: /cgi-bin/addurl.exe? url=<URLkeyword> &email=<emailkeyword> &the rest
    Site base URL submission script path url - name of the URL input field email - name of the email input field all the rest of the fields

  8. Open the HTML source of the search engine's URL submission source. The easiest way to do that in IE, for example is the right-click the mouse and select "View HTML source". This will open Notepad with the source that we need.
  9. Hit 'F3' button on your keyboard. Search window will pop up. Type in (exactly, but no quotes) '<form' Hit Enter.
  10. Look at the piece of code that immediately follows the form tag that you just found. Beware: some pages contain more than just one form. The 'action' part of the form tag has to make some sense to you, being named as something like add.cgi or submit.phtml or alike
  11. Copy base site URL from your browser's address text box into the first part of $C[xx]
  12. Copy submission script path from the 'action' part of the form tag and paste into the second part of $C[xx]
  13. Scroll the HTML code down to see what is the name of the URL input field. It must be a form input tag like <input type="text" name="xxx" value ="http://"> , This xxx is the name that we need. Copy it and paste into the third part of $C[xx]. Mind question mark between script path and the xxx=<URLkeyword>
  14. Similarily, find e-mail field and paste it's into the fourth part of the $C[xx] variable, just before '=<emailkeyword>' Mind the "&" ampersant between every pair of name=value fields
  15. Repeat last step for every input field (including hidden type) that you could find before the </form> closing tag. Mind the "&" ampersant between every pair of name=value fields
  16. Save engines_pro.txt and upload it to the original file location.
  17. Test the new engine. It is not 100% sure that everything will work. There are certain ways to preven automated submissions if the search engine owner wishes so (why would he/she? His search engine is only as valuable as its index, and by adding to the index you help them grow). Anyway, if you can see the same confirmation page as you would normally see doing a regular submission, but in the script's frame, please congratulate yourself: you just added another search engine to your list of submission!

If you feel like you want to share your database with me or have me check it, please just e-mail me engines_pro.txt file with some short details. I will credit your contributions with links to your site posted at 1-Submit Pro pages.

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I am very happy with the 1-Submit Pro script. I have been shopping around and comparing them for a while also. From the demos that I have used at the script places I have been looking at, your script is miles above the ones costing all the way up to $89
Bill Reed
Web Marketing Specialist

I think the script is superb. Very easy to install and works well.
I think that compared to some of the other scripts I have seen it is too cheap. You could sell this script for a lot more.
Tony Cooper
Search Engine and Web Marketing Specialists

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