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1-Search - More than just search!

Getting Script

Script itself

* - e-mail tech support is guaran- teed regardless of buying the installa- tion option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.



If you don't have PERL scripts installation experience, please stick to the installation sequence below. Alternatively, you can order the script packed with my full installation service


(For mandatory security upgrade from prior versions instructions see upgrade.txt file)

The script comes with a comprehensive administration utility script, one of the tasks of which is to help you with the installation.

1)Please unzip all the files from the distribution zip file ( to a temporary directory. Make sure you have all 14 files and one subdirectory needed:

  • /logs/
  • 1search.cgi
  • 1control.cgi
  • help.cgi
  • 1searchvars.txt
  • 1searchvars.bak
  • 1affiliates.txt
  • template.htm
  • left_yellow.gif
  • right_yellow.gif
  • 1.gif
  • readme.htm
  • Readme.txt (this file)
  • Upgrade.txt
  • version.txt

2) Open 1control.cgi file and edit the only two lines of code to edit: $user='everybody'; $psw='comein'; You're expected to put your own values for admin user and his/her password. Save the 1control.cgi file.

3) File locations: 1search.cgi, 1control.cgi, help.cgi, 1searchvars.txt, 1searchvars.bak and 1affiliates.txt go to /cgi-bin/ or elsewhere. It is important to make sure all those six files are in the same directory.

   template.htm can goes either into the same directory as *.cgi files or any other directory. Just make sure the template.htm location is correct on the "Configuration" tab.

   left_yellow.gif and right_yellow.gif and 1.gif go to /images/ directory.

4) Upload all the files from the distribution ZIP as per file location scheme from above. Attention: you may want to choose another file locations due to your webhost settings, just make sure the files that need to be toghether land in the same directory.

5) Set all *.cgi files permissions to chmod 755 (read, write, execute by owner, only execute by others).

6) Set 1searchvars.txt , 1searchvars.bak, 1affiliates.txt, /logs/search_log.txt, /logs/search_log_not.txt and /logs/search_log_reset.txt permissions to 666.

7) Open 1control.cgi file with your browser and log in.

8) Open "Configuration" tab and edit the values accordingly to your webhost settings. Click "Submit" to save settings. Make sure all the directories you want to search are existing. Otherwise you'll get an error message.

0) Open "Appearance" tab and edit all the values there. Click "Submit" to save settings. Your 1search.cgi script should be operational now.


Take a look at the affiliate links feature thart was added in the previous version. Use the example provided to setup your own links.


Upgrading from version 1.80 or more recent:

1) We recommend you to flush both found and not found logs to delete any possible cross-site scripting code that might have accumulated there.
2) Add help.cgi file to the same directory as the rest of the *.cgi files. Change permissions to 755 (chmod 755 help.cgi).
3) Open new 1control.cgi file and edit the login and password to match your old ones. You can pick new ones - it's entirely up to you - just make sure you delete the default ones.
4) Overwrite 1control.cgi and 1search.cgi with the new ones. Make sure permission stays 755.
5) Download old 1searchvars.txt and 1searchvars.bak files. Add new line after line 3:

   to both files and upload them back to your web server.
6) Delete the path from existing $log_file, $log_not and $log_reset lines. Leave only files names.
7) Login to your control interface and on the "Configuration" tab set proper log files directory. It is an absolute path, as with any other directories on the tab.
8) Save the new config by clicking "Submit" button.
9) From the "Appearance" tab grab the new search form code and insert it into your web pages.
10) Enjoy your new, more secure version of 1-Search script!

Upgrading from version prior to 1.80:

We recommend that you perform a complete new install (see Readme.txt file) due to many new features and settings added.


Please send all your bug reports to

If you are still experience troubles installing the script, please contact me or order my full installation service.


Your search script is a marvel of elegance of simplicity, and I am so glad I took advantage of your offer to perform the install and troubleshoot yourself. Within hours of my order, everything was up and running, and even customized to my website's color scheme. All for an extremely modest price. My deepest gratitude to you for this tremendous service. God bless you.
The Storytelling Monk www.storytelling

I would like to thank you for the greatest search engine I have seen on any site! This search finds it all, the results is a website in itself. It is truly the best site seach hand down. But most of all thank you for installing it along with your excelent customer service. I promise I'll be back for more, I know your others will be top notch!


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