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Getting Script

Script itself

* - e-mail tech support is guaran- teed regardless of buying the installa- tion option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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If you don't have PERL scripts installation experience, please stick to the installation sequence below. Alternatively, you can order the script packed with my full installation service and the script itself will become FREE!

  1. ljpro.cgi - the redirection script. There is nothing to configure inside
  2. ljpcontrol.cgi - administration tool script. You will need to edit your user name and password. Keep reading for instructions.
  3. ljprosubs.cgi - service subroutines for the scripts. There is nothing to configure inside.
  4. topframe.cgi - the script that creates the header of the frames based on welcome_back.htm file as a template. Replaces string LINK_URL with the actual link's URL
  5. jump_vars.txt - the configuration file. There is nothing to configure inside. Administration utility configures this file.
  6. jump_vars.bak - configuration file backup. There is nothing to configure inside
  7. welcome_back.htm - the template for the header or the frames. Edit it accordingly to your site's layout. It is recommended to have links to your homepage and most important parts of your site. Use <a href="LINK_URL">remove frame</a> tags to provide means to open the link in the full window even it was originally open in a frame
  8. - database file. There is nothing to configure inside
  9. links_db.bak - database backup file. There is nothing to configure inside
  10. jump_log_reset.txt - service file used to store last log reset date. There is nothing to configure inside
  11. jump_error_log.txt - error log file. There is nothing to configure inside
  12. jump_log.txt click log file. There is nothing to configure inside
  13. left_yellow.gif - graphic file for the admin utility
  14. right_yellow.gif - graphic file for the admin utility
  • Open ljpcontrol.cgi file in Notepad and edit lines 12 and 13:



replace default values with your desired user name and password. Save the file.
  • Check whether the first line (#!/usr/bin/perl) for all scripts -  ljpro.cgi, ljpcontrol.cgi and topframe.cgi - match your system's PERL binaries location.
  • Create a directory on your server. Call it /jump or even just /j to simplify the links. Some servers will only allow you to run scripts under /cgi-bin/ directory or its subdirectories. In this case you'd have to create it wherever possible, just remember the address. Create a directory named /log under the directory where the *.cgi files are.
  • Upload the files using your preferred FTP client software. Make sure you upload ALL files EXCEPT GIFs in ASCII format. Upload GIF files in BINARY format into /images directory on your server. Upload jump_log_reset.txt, jump_error_log.txt and jump_log.txt into /log directory
  • Change attributes for ljpro.cgi, ljpcontrol.cgi and topframe.cgi files so that everybody will be able to run it (UNIX command CHMOD 755)
  • Change attributes for jump_log_reset.txt, jump_error_log.txt and jump_log.txt, as well as jump_vars.txt, jump_vars.bak, links_db.txt and links_db.bak files so that the script will be able to write into them (UNIX command CHMOD 666)
  • open /jump/ljpcontrol.cgi in your browser and log in
  • on the configuration screen check if file locations are good. Make sure you hit "submit" button at least once, even though all locations will be correct.
  • Start populate your links database and eventually watch your stats grow! Good luck!

If you are still experience troubles installing the script, please contact me or order my full installation service.

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My feedback is simply "wow" To be honest we have been looking all over the place to find something like this, something which has been written which will allow link tracking, not only that, but the interface is amazing, Very easy to install, and works like a dream, My only wish is for you to get this script known all over the net so compaines like ours can be as greatfull as we are for writing this advanced but simple to use script

Mark Pearce
Hosts4 Network Inc

Excellent script!! I love it! This script is going to be used for every link in our site. We've been looking for something like this for ages. Thanks for creating this. 

Oliver Green
Raptor Web Services UK

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