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Link Jump Pro - Manage links easily!

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LinkJump Pro lets you track where your visitors go. You can use it to direct outgoing as well as incoming traffic to your site. It also does a job of hiding your very long links (like those with your affiliate code) under a shortened notation. The idea is to create a link that looks like this:

<a href ="/cgi-bin/ljpro.cgi?3">your link</a>

where '3' would denote the link's ID. You could also rename the script file, move it into your host's root and make the link to look even more gratious:

<a href="/j.cgi?3">your link</a>

Isn't it SO MUCH better than

<a href=" MfcISAPICommand= GetResul&ht=1&SortProperty=MetaEndSort &query=test &search_option=1">your link, all sensitive information revealed</a> ?

When somebody clicks on the link, LinkJump creates a set of two frames: the top frame is used to display your site's "link back bar". On the rest of the page your linked URL is displayed. In the top frame HTML code you can place "remove frame" link that opens the same URL, but with no frames.

All the URLs, visited with the script's assistance are recorded in a log file that you may analyze with the Web-based tool provided.

To manage the database and view the logs you just need to open ljpcontrol.cgi in a browser window and login as "everybody" using "comein" as password.


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My feedback is simply "wow" To be honest we have been looking all over the place to find something like this, something which has been written which will allow link tracking, not only that, but the interface is amazing, Very easy to install, and works like a dream, My only wish is for you to get this script known all over the net so compaines like ours can be as greatfull as we are for writing this advanced but simple to use script

Mark Pearce
Hosts4 Network Inc

Excellent script!! I love it! This script is going to be used for every link in our site. We've been looking for something like this for ages. Thanks for creating this. 

Oliver Green
Raptor Web Services UK

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