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  • 1-Code creates correct ClickBank affiliate link code to ensure proper credit of an affiliate sale. The script requires your affiliate to type in their ClickBank account ID and hit "Make my Code!" submit button. Small pop-up window will show up with the sample of the link as well as a text field from where they can copy the correct code and paste it into their HTML pages. Your affiliate's ID is inserted into the sales links, prepared by you
  • Your own affiliate program page has to have a submission form per every link that you plan to give to your affiliates. In addition to that one JavaScript script has to be present at your own affiliate for passing the scripts correct affiliate IDs. Please see Instructions page for details.
  • 1-Code can be modified to create other affiliate program link codes.

Here is one of the nicest implementations of my script by I'd like to give this link to you as a reference. Got your own reference? Give me the link!


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