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1-Code is a Perl CGI script that allows you to give your sales partners correct HTML code for ClickBank affiliate links. Their ClickBank IDs are automatically inserted into your sales link to ensure proper credit of an affiliate sale.

ClickBank is one of the Internet's major credit card processors that do not require merchant account to sell from your Web site.

  • The simpler it is for your partners to get the link, the more likely they will put it on their Web sites
  • More affiliates using your code means more sales from your site
  • The 1-Code takes not more than 5 minutes to install even for beginners. If you're not sure about how to install Perl scripts, I can do the installation for you.


Here is one of the nicest implementations of my script by I'd like to give this link to you as a reference. Got your own reference? Give me the link!


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* - e-mail tech support is provided regardless of buying the installation option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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