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  • Download the script (see left panel). Unzip the package. it consists of five files:
  1. 1c.cgi - the script itself. There is a configuration section in the beginning of the code.
  2. click_to_expand.gif - picture for "expand this frame" button. Has to go into /images/ directory on your server
  3. template.htm - template file for submission form.
  4. version.txt - just a version marker file.
  5. readme.html - readme file with instructions. Contains pretty much the same information as this particular page.
  • Upload the files using your preferred FTP client software. Please make sure that the path for the template.htm file corresponds to one you configured in in the configuration section of 1c.cgi. Make sure you use ASCII mode while uploading scripts!
  • click_to_expand.gif picture has to be uploaded into /images/ directory on your server.
  • Edit configuration section in the beginning of the script. Please pay attention to the four most important variables:
    • $logfile - the full path to the directory and name of the log file like /home/yourdir/www/logs/1-click-log.txt. Please make sure that the script has rights to write in this directory. I recommend to do CHMOD 777 for the log directory;
    • $script_URL (the correct URL for the script at your web host);
    • $template (the complete path to the template file at your web host);
    • $SSI (uncomment it if you want to run 1-Click's form as a SSI call).
    • all other variables are obviously important but incorrect settings should not cause a server error. All the variables and the way to set them is described in comments next to them.
  • Change permissions for 1c.cgi so that everybody will be able to run them (UNIX command CHMOD 755)
  • Please do not edit code that creates the link back to
  • Enjoy it

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