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  • 1-Click allows your site visitors to save time while searching for some keyword. Visitors select search engines they want to search in type in the search keyword and press Search button.
  • To make more precise search new version 1.31 has ability to pass to the search engines desired Boolean search parameters for multiple word searching. Select from "exact phrase", "any of the words" or "all of the words".
  • 1-Click then creates search results frames, depending on the number of the engines selected. Each frame represents the search engines response on the keyword. Visitor can select from 1 to 6 frames per page thus allowing either more visible page space for careful result analysis or less amount of pages for quicker search.
  • Each search term is saved in the log file you specify. Analyzing this file later provides invaluable information about what your visitors are looking for while at your site.
  • By clicking on the "Expand this frame" button to the left of the search results, visitors can now open the results in a full window.

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* - e-mail tech support is provided regardless of buying the installation option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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