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  • Give your visitors another reason to get back to your site: provide them with valuable service that saves time!
  • Your visitors can search multiple search engines and directories with just one mouse click, and they will see real, not parsed, search results.
  • Search process is controlled with the convenient, functional interface.
  • List of search engines or other sites to search can be customised. Default list includes:

  • AllTheSites (general web search)
  • Alta Vista (general web search)
  • (discounted books, shopping)
  • eBay (Auctions)
  • Google (general web search)
  • (discounted books, shopping)
  • Overture (general web search)
  • Yahoo (general web search)

  • You can see what your visitors are looking for by analyzing the search log
  • They can select any or all of the search engines
  • You can customize the form to match your site appearance
  • The script is only one file, and it requires minimum efforts to install

Installation aid

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* - e-mail tech support is provided regardless of buying the installation option. However, my full installation service saves you all the configuration and testing efforts as well as time.

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